Apple Wants To ‘Ship’ Their Electric Car In 2019, But Should You Care?

To meet the feverous demand of absolutely no one, The Wall Street journal reported that Apple has set a target ‘ship’ date of 2019 for their new electric car.

The word is that the company spent more than a year investigating the feasibility of an Apple-branded car, and now the project, code-named Titan will be tripling it’s already 600-person team.

The other big rumor is that Apple has hired experts in driverless cars, luckily however, insiders are reporting that Apple isn’t planning to make its first electric vehicle fully autonomous. Although that may be part of the company’s long term plans.

Apparently, Apple sees an opportunity to become a player in the automotive industry, thanks to its expertise in developing technology for batteries, sensors and hardware-software integration.

Photo source: Pinterest

Look, maybe for “non-car people”, this is exciting news. For it’s all flaws and rising competition, Apple is still a brand that has rightfully won it’s associated with quality technology.

The problem is, I want to care about my car. I want it to have a personality. I want to love driving it and be proud to own it.

I don’t know if Apple can really capture that. Yes, the technology in your MacBook and iPhone is practically magic, the way they’re intuitive and natural, but I don’t love them because of it, or at all, for that matter. They have no personality.

The idea of a self-driving car is, of course, the most blasphemous to those with gasoline in their veins, because we want something that makes us enjoy the experience of driving.

Automakers like Tesla seem to understand this, and we can all look forward to the witchcraft-like technology from the epic Porsche 918, McLaren P1 and LaFerrari trickling down into lesser models over the next decade.

But I just can’t imagine waking up and being excited to drive to work in my iCar.

What do you think?