Aston Martin CEO Lays Out Plan For Next 100 Years

Motortrend recently interviewed Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer about the direction of what is perhaps the most infamous British auto-maker.

Palmer didn’t pull any punches regarding his feelings towards the brand. “We’re 102 years old, and that’s been marked by going through several bankruptcies, and not being a sustainable business. We need to change that. But not offend the traditionalists.” Said Palmer.

What Palmer is now proposing is a “second-century plan”, which would take the company in a new, more sustainable direction.

Although not to worry, because Palmer seems to understand the Aston brand incredibly, and aims to make the auto-maker financially stable, while maintaining it’s image and reputation.

Photo: 2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT (Source: Pinterest)

While some partnerships are in Aston’s future, Palmer noted, “We’ll share a V8, but we’re a V12 company and can play at a higher price point.”

So glorious Aston V12s will remain exclusive, and palmer also added that the company will continue to build very high-priced limited-edition supercars for collectors, and be heavily involved in customer racing.

“We are a sports-car company. We will replace all our sports cars, and provide more differentiation between them. I know when we have the DB9 replacement we’ll be able to do 7,000 sports cars a year, but we’ll cap it at that to protect the residuals.” Aston Martin it sold about 4000 DB9s in 2014.

Palmer also addressed Aston’s issue of increasing competition, like an absolute badass, Come on, would you rather have an AMG or an Aston Martin? Of course the quality has to be perfection. The handling has to be great. The luxury, the hygiene factors, they all have to be there. But we are the coolest brand. If we have a competitive car and it has an Aston Martin badge on the front, of course we’ll sell 7000.”

In addition to bringing a new DB to life, Palmer also plans to expand Aston’s line by introducing a new SUV crossover, as well continue to grow their luxury sedan line.