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Disappointing Automotive Remakes

Some cars hold a certain level of legendary status in our collective consciousness. We see them as automotive heroes which can do no wrong. They’re often made all the...

13 Cars to Buy if You Want the Best Gas Mileage

If you buy a car that gets good gas mileage, it can really save you some money at the pump. If that's important to you, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends choosing...

Check Out These Super Car Limos

I mean, who wouldn’t want to show up in one of these?

The Stupidest Cars In Modern History

Stupid can be subjective, but it’s surprising when automakers can get something so very, very wrong, or even worse, proceed in the face of a better idea. When it comes...

You Can Buy A GM-Engineered Amphibious Corvair

Maybe I’ve just been playing too much Fallout 4 lately, but I’ve fallen in love with wild 50s and 60s style, design and general engineering flamboyance.

10 Amazing Cars That Consumers Totally Ignore

Are you familiar with the term ‘A Diamond In The Rough’. It refers to one finding a real gem amongst a pile of the unwanted. And nowhere does this term more...

Look Good While Saving $$$ — The Best Looking Cars Under $15,000

Everybody had a Lamborghini poster on their bedroom wall. But these cars are just as worthy of that poster space, and won’t cost more than $15,000.

The Cheapest Cars With 500+ Horsepower and a Warranty

There are some enthusiasts who will submit that it is far cheaper to build a car with 500 horsepower than it is to buy one. While that attitude is to be celebrated,...

Top 5 NASCAR All Time Greats!

hey are some of NASCAR's most popular and beloved stars. With impressive wins and storied careers. Here are our Top 5 NASCAR All-Time Greats!

The New Ford Focus RS Makes A Glorious 350 hp

The Internet doesn’t think 350 hp is all much. In fact, the Internet thinks anything less than 1000 hp isn’t all that much. But the Internet is ignorant, because...