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These Cars Make People Think You Have No Personality

Cars are a lot like fashion. What you drive will tell people a lot about the kind of person you are. Which is not to say you have to be flashy all the time, in fact that...

Four Reasons Why You Should Buy A Hybrid Car

A hybrid car comes with several benefits. First, the vehicles are environmental friendly. The vehicles have reduced emissions and minimal fuel consumption contrary to...

Cars You Can Buy That Will Indulge Your Inner Mad Max

It’s a pretty incredible year that Mad Mad: Fury Road is nominated for so many Oscars. As a car nut, you might be thinking that you’d like your own version Max’s...

Seinfeld Sold His Porsches! Here’s How Much He Got…

Seinfeld is known first and foremost for being the king of sitcom comedy. But amongst car aficionados, he’s known for having the sickest car collection known to man. A...

13 Cars That are Much Faster Than They Appear

There's a certain perception that some cars just don't go as fast as a hot rod or sports car. That couldn't be further from the truth, as these cars prove.

8 Of the Best Motorcyles For Women

They are beautiful, fast and powerful. What are some of the best motorcycles for women? Let's take a look!

The Worst Car Names Ever

It’s probably not easy to name a car. But, also, how hard can it be. Here are three good ones not currently taken; Typhoon, Timber Wolf, GRX. It’s easy. It’s just...

Best Luxury Cars for Under $15,000

Luxury cars are usually reserved for likes of bankers and corporate executives, but if you’re willing to buy used, there are some spectacular deals out there.

The Sexiest Cars Of All Time

Being “sexy” isn’t just about being good looking. It’s about sex appeal, about putting out a certain kind of carnal vibe, and these cars have it in spades.

Buying vs. Leasing A Car