Things You Should Bring to a NASCAR Race

Gathering up your friends and family and heading out to a NASCAR face is surely one exciting adventure that many fans wish they could embrace. Purchasing tickets and buying your driver merchandise to don yourself in proper NASCAR garb honoring your driver, can be somewhat expense, but definitely a part of the overall excitement of attending a NASCAR race live.

Keeping in mind the travel time, parking time, your race seat, the race itself, and trying to get out of that messy parking lot when the race has come to a finish, all these scenarios mean that there is specific gear and other items that you need to take along with you.

Photo source: Pinterest

1. Make sure to bring binoculars. You may have awesome seats, but it’s almost impossible to see all the drivers and cars at those enormous tracks without the use of binoculars.

2. Don’t forget your camera (and be sure you have a zoom lens) to capture those once in a lifetime pictures.

3. Since NASCAR races are as loud as it gets, you don’t want to be sitting in those seats without earplugs, especially for the kids.

4. If the weather is looking a little iffy, it’s important to know that umbrellas are an absolute no no at the races. For this reason, you should pack a raincoat because more times than not the race will go on, rain or shine.

5. The bleachers at these races are far from comfortable, and the races are rather long, so be sure to bring along a seat cushion to afford yourself some comfort.

6. Sitting on those aluminum bleachers for 4+ hours can get pretty hot in the summertime. Donning some sunscreen is a practical thing to do to prevent the inevitable sunburn, and bringing along lots and lots of fluids to hydrate during the day is definitely a smart thing to do.

7. Finally, keeping in mind that the cost of food and snacks at the concession stand can be pretty steep, it makes good sense to pack a cooler with your own food and snacks, and certainly save yourself a ton of money.

Attending a NASCAR race is definitely a memorable time for all your family and friends in attendance. However, should you head out to the race, and forget any of the all-important items listed above, then indeed the fun and thrill of the day can surely be spoiled. Prepare, plan, and be practical, and embracing the complete experience of the day will be every bit as easy as cheering on your favorite driver!